Frequently Asked Questions



Q: What’s the difference between a mediumship reading and intuitive reading?

 A: An intuitive reading is focused on you and what is going on within your life i.e. career, relationships, self, etc. It guides you to understand what you are currently working through and why. It also provides insight as to how to have the life you desire. A mediumship reading is focused on connecting with loved ones on the other side.

Q: Can I have a dual session; Mediumship and Intuitive combined?

A: Yes, of course. I just need to know which direction to focus in.  Not everyone is a psychic and a medium; I need to know which gift to use (all you have to tell me is you prefer more Mediumship or more Intuitive). 

Q: Is a Facetime/Skype session the same as in person? 

A: Yes. Spirit is energy; they are able to connect regardless of location of you, or me, or them. FaceTime Sessions are just as good, if not better, than an in person session. If they weren't, the perfectionist in me would not offer them. 

Q: How do you do e-mail readings?

A: For email readings all I need is a recent picture of only you, without your eyes covered (no sunglasses). As soon as I open your picture, my guides connect with yours, and the information just flows through. Its a bit like automatic writing (google it). But I hear them telling me what to tell you. It's the same way I read in person and on FaceTime, the difference is it's just in writing. 


Q: What if my loved one’s don’t come through?

A: I have never had someone’s loved one not come through. Some spirits are easier to talk to than others. So, if your loved one isn’t the best communicator, I will use one of my guides to talk for them. But this is extremely rare (maybe have done this 3 times in 10 years).

Q: I’m scared to have a reading done because of “opening doors to the unknown”.

A: I have been reading for over ten years and have not once connected with a dark spirit. Most people who fear this were brought up with strong religious views. I was as well so I understand the concern. All I can say is I have three children and a husband and if this could affect them in any negative way possible, I wouldn’t be doing it.


Q: I fear having a reading done because I don’t want to know anything bad.

A: I’m not that kind of Psychic or Medium. My guides and I provide messages to help you find the best version of yourself. Receiving a reading has been explained to be a beautiful experience. I have had thousands of clients say one reading was the equivalent to 10 years of therapy. Fear is your ego trying to get in the way. I recommend educating yourself on the ego so you can understand where the fear is coming from. My mission is to leave you feeling relieved, enlightened, happy, and at peace. 


Q: Can I book a session for someone else, and sit in on the reading?

A: I no longer allow this as an option for in person readings. Why? Spirits ALWAYS come through for the person sitting in; someone is always disappointed because the other received more messages, etc. So, not an option, sorry!


Q: Am I able to record the session?

A: I do not record the session myself. But yes, you are able to do so.

Q: How accurate are your readings?

A: I spent a good chunk of my life developing my gift. It’s taken me awhile to believe in it and understand it. I am now at the point where it is second nature to me. I’m not sure percentage wise how accurate they are. I would have to say it’s up to the people receiving the readings. I have thousands of testimonials on my Facebook page, Instagram, and website. They are all different. I recommend checking those out.


Q: What if a spirit doesn’t speak English?

A: Language doesn’t matter on the other side.


Q: What if someone passed 50 years ago?

 A: Doesn’t matter; time doesn’t exist on the other side.



Q: When will you be teaching again?

A: Unsure. Once my book is finished? My schedule is very tight right now. I don’t currently have time right now but expect to next year (2021).

Q: What do I do if I am unsure of what reading to book?

A: Send me an email: & I will assist you. - All Rights Reserved